A workshop was organized on Human Rights at Lakshmi Narayan Temple ,Surekapuram ,Mirzapur.

A workshop was organized on Human Rights at Lakshmi Narayan Baikunth MahadevTemple ,Surekapuram ,Mirzapur to chalk out strategy to educate masses in Human Rights and vigilant monitoring to check its violation.
Workshop commenced with the inaugural speech of Saint K. P. Singh at 9 “O” clock who focused on the tricks in order to make the efforts more easier and simple in the direction of proliferation Human Rights education. New participants were provided study materials who were interested to instruct people in order to train them in Human Rights. Several speakers emphasized to use provisions OF U.D.H.R.  if being violated by concerned public functionaries so that it may be part of general discussions. Workshop lasted in two hours. 
Yogesh Dubey raised the matter that according to clause 2 of Article 21 ,every one has the right to equal excess to the public service in the country. According to him public services will be equally accessible to all if our public functionaries will remain honest when they will demand bribe and officers seniors to them will also support then there will be no value of constitution of India as well as provisions of Human Rights. Hon’ble speaker gave the example of Arvind Dubey who have taped conversation of a Doctor of Government hospital District Mirzapur who demanded Rs.4000 (four thousand rupees) from his relative in order to takeout stone from stomach through surgery when Arvind Dubey ji talked with the Doctor. He made the complaint to C.M.O. with the taped conversation on 2-July-2013 but C.M.O. didn’t take any action on his complaint. Arvind Dubey ji also made complaint to D.M. Mirzapur but D.M. also didn’t take any action against wrongdoer doctor who was openly demanding the bribe from the patient. Now Arvind Dubey resident of Dubeypur under Dehat Kotwali  sent the complaint to Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav with the last expectation to get justice. 
Following were provided study materials.
1-Sudheer Kumar Gupta 
S/O-Shiva Prasad Gupta 
Vill +P.O. -Vijaypur 
Dist-Mirzapur  State-Uttar Pradesh 
2-Gaurav Shrivastava 
S/O-Mr. Mohan Lal Shrivastava 
Address-O.M. Nagar Colony .phutha Mahaveer 
Dist-Mirzapur  State-Uttar Pradesh
3-Yogesh Kumar Dubey 
Dist-Mirzapur  State-Uttar Pradesh
4-Ashish Kumar Yadav 
S/O-Mr. Bhullan Yadav 
Address-Chandradeepa , Jangi Road ,near Shukla Petrol pump
Dist-Mirzapur  State-Uttar Pradesh
5-Shringarika Singh 
D/O-Mr Ram Lal Singh 
Address-Tandanpuri Colony 
Bathua Sadar 
Dist-Mirzapur  State-Uttar Pradesh
6-Nidhi Singh 
D/O-Mr. Narendra Kumar Singh 
Vill + P.O.-Tilthi 
Dist-Mirzapur  State-Uttar Pradesh
7-Anjana Patel 
D/O-Mr. Kailash Nath Patel 
Vill-Sugapankh  P.O. -Hinauta 
Dist-Mirzapur  State-Uttar Pradesh
8-Shani Lata 
D/O-Chandradeep Singh 
Address-Nikariko , Rajgarh ,Rampur 39
Dist-Mirzapur  State-Uttar Pradesh

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  1. Hon'ble friends-Growing corruption in the system is main hurdle in the path of protection of human rights. First of all these corrupt accountable functionaries attack on educational system of country. Large scale mass copy is allowed so that real ability our youths are not developed. In state of lack of intellectual development ,our youths are easily misguided by their flatterers and pinched slowly and slowly to follow the wrong path of political bosses. Alarmingly rise in poverty in the society ,youths facing financial crunch and fascinated to glamour are easily instigated to wrong path. We have to stop our youths from being toys in the hand of corrupt political bosses for betterment of society. We have to make genuine efforts to curb drugs addiction of youth in order to push them in the world of crime. It is unfortunate that corrupt public public functionaries have forgot its moral duty and supporting large scale drugs trafficking which is dragging us to frightening dark.

  2. What ever articulated by Yogi ji is hundred percent relevant and must be accepted by the civil society. Only corrupt public functionaries will not accept it.

  3. This is an excellent job to educate people in Human Rights. U.N. is doing commendable service of humanity which must be applauded by us. At least some one making constructive efforts for betterment of society.At least some one talks of humanity.

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