A seminar was organized on protection of Human Rights at Lakshmi Narayan Temple ,Surekapuram.

A seminar was organized by the human rights activists of Mirzapur district on 14 January 2014 ,on protection of Human Rights at Lakshmi Narayan Baikunth Mahadev temple,Surekapuram  under the coordination of Yogi M. P. Singh in which various activists expressed its opinion and put light on the points concerned with the Human Rights violation. 

On this occasion chief guest Saint Shree K.P. Singh said that protection of human rights can be ensured by educating citizens about human rights and teaching them detail procedure in regard to its protection as better society can be obtained only then. He also expressed regret on growing corruption in system as it always violate civil rights of the countrymen. Revered Guru ji also admired the humanterian work of youth for human rights organization for providing study materials free of cost and it volunteers for dedication to service of people. 
Pankaj Ojha articulated that on one side our Government gets back its wrongdoer consul general Devyani Khobhragade in order to safeguard her from justified prosecution by U.S.A. administration  who violated the human rights of her Indian maid but these public functionaries never talked about poor Indian maid whose rights was encroached and still not compensated to maid. This is ipsofacto showing the aristocracy in the Government of India. He said that growing corruption in system has killed the  sentiments of  compassion and kindness of government functionaries. 
Several activists raised matter that grievances raised by them before government functionaries concerned with the human rights violation is overlooked by them , then they were suggested that they may seek the action taken report on the submitted grievance from the PIOs of concerned public authority under subsection 1 of section section 6 of Right to Information Act 2005. In this regard if any difficulty arises ,then make contact Yogi M. P. Singh who are available at 24 hours in order to help public spirited persons struggling for protection of civil and political rights of countrymen. 
On this occasion ,following instructors were provided study materials in order to spread knowledge of Human Rights in common people of state which is provided by Youth for Human Rights an international organization free of cost. Please take a glance of following link-http://yogimpsingh.blogspot.com/2014/01/all-those-friends-struggling-for.html

1-Sndeep Kumar Gupta 
S/O-Mr Raj Kumar Gupta 
P.O.-Balliparwa ,Dist-Mirzapur ,Uttar Pradesh 
2-Pankaj Kumar Ojha 
S/O-Mr. Surendra Pratap Ojha 
Vill-Rampur ,P.O.-Balliparwa ,Dist-Mirzapur ,Uttar Pradesh 
3-Parma Nand Shukla 
S/O-Shiva Poojan Shukla 
Address-Ranibari , Rajapur Mirzapur ,Uttar Pradesh 
4-Shubham Dubey 
S/O-Mr. Radhey Mohan Dubey 
Vill-Cheksari ,P.O. -Mujehara Dist-Mirzapur ,Uttar Pradesh 
5-Shashi Lata 
D/O- Mr. Chandra Deep Singh 
Address-Nikariko , Rajgarh , Rampur ,Mirzapur,    Uttar Pradesh 
6-Akanksha Singh 
D/O-Rakesh Kumar Singh 
Address-Ratan Ganj ,Manihan, Mirzapur,Uttar Pradesh 
7-Arti Saini 
Address-Lal Ganj ,Dist-Mirzapur ,Uttar Pradesh 
8-Shubham Caubey 
S/O-Akhilesh Caubey 
Vill-Virmaua P.O.-Nakahara Dist-Mirzapur ,Uttar Pradesh 
9-Pankaj Shukla 
Vill-Dubra Pahaani ,Dist-Mirzapur ,Uttar Pradesh 
10-Rachna Dubey 
D/O-Mr. Shyam Kumar Dubey 
Address-Dangahar Dist-Mirzapur ,Uttar Pradesh 
11-Neha Gupta 
D/O-Mr. Shiva Narayan Gupta 
Address-Infront of Polytechnique second gate  ,Dist-Mirzapur ,Uttar Pradesh 
12-Ravikant Yadav 
S/O-Amar Nath Yadav
Address-Chilha , Pakhawahiya ,Dist-Mirzapur ,Uttar Pradesh 
13-Siddharth Kumar Dubey 
S/O-Mr. Kamalesh Dubey 
Vill-Ganghara Kalan P.O.-Rehi,Dist-Mirzapur ,Uttar Pradesh 
14-Khooshboo Singh 
D/O-Mr. Kailash Singh 
Vill-Amoi Dist-Mirzapur ,Uttar Pradesh 

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  1. Better society can't be expected without safeguarding the Human Rights of countrymen and which is possible only through transparent and accountable system. How a system can be transparent and accountable if policy of government is decided by its corrupt functionaries. There are so many laws whose enforcement is not possible practically. They are made to take honest and law abiding citizens under pressure. How many commuters are allowed to sit on auto-rickshaw in accordance with the law? If auto-rickshaw driver will follow the rule strictly ,then whether he can earn livelihood and deposit the tax charged by Government. It means he is bound to earn the livelihood by compromising with his dignity. Human Rights activist dream a society where no human rights may be violated of any individual irrespective of caste creed ,rank position .

  2. It seems that curiosity among the youths are increasing as numerous are suffering because of violations of their human rights . Those want remedy curious to apply their rights by making representation before competent authority. Today one undergraduate student took study material as several old age pensioners were deprived from pensions by the department of state government illegally as they denied to pay illegal gratification sought by concerned staff of government.
    Deep Shikha Singh
    D/O-Mr. Surendra Pratap Singh
    Dist-Allahabad. ,State-Uttar Pradesh.

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