A lecture on protection of Human Rights was delivered and study materials were distributed among instructors.

Few students from K.B.P.G. College Mirzapur had come who expressed their desire to learn about Human Rights and they were told basic principles of Human Rights and its application to society for its betterment by Yogi M. P. Singh. 
Students were cordial and too 
much cooperative. They were curious to know more about it and few proposed to conduct such classes daily so that they may be apprised with more humanitarian values. 

 Following instructors were made available study materials-
1-Maduri Maurya 
D/O-Mr. Raj Kumar Maurya 
Vill-Bikana P.O.-Amoi 
Dist-Mirzapur      Sate-Uttar Pradesh
2-Shivani Jaisawal 
D/O-Mr. Rajesh Jaisawal 
Vill + P.O.-Lahangpur 

Dist-Mirzapur      Sate-Uttar Pradesh
3-Deep Shiksha Singh 
D/O-Mr. Surendra Pratap Singh 
Vill-Jigana Pandey P.O.-Jigana 
Dist-Allahabad       Sate-Uttar Pradesh
4-Satish Kumar Vishwakarma 
S/O-Lal Bihari Vishwakarma 
Vill + P.O.-Tilaubi Kalan, Gaharwar 
Dist-Sonebhadra       Sate-Uttar Pradesh
5-Manisha Mishra 
D/O-Mr. Rajesh Mishra 

Dist-Mirzapur      Sate-Uttar Pradesh
6-Ragini Maurya 
Dist-Mirzapur      Sate-Uttar Pradesh
7-Anil Kumar Keshari 
S/O-Mr. Krishna Kumar Keshari 
Vill+P.O.-Lalganj   Dist-Mirzapur      Sate-Uttar Pradesh
8-Balram Gupta 
S/O-Mr. Amar Nath Gupta 
Vill+P.O.-Dubar Kalan ,Lalganj 
Dist-Mirzapur      Sate-Uttar Pradesh
9-Jay Kishan Maurya 
S/O-Mr. Vijay Kumar Maurya 
Vill+P.O. -Khamhariya 
Dist-Mirzapur      Sate-Uttar Pradesh

3 comments on A lecture on protection of Human Rights was delivered and study materials were distributed among instructors.

  1. Whether it is possible to curb violations of Human Rights without controlling growing corruption in the system. Corruption is sole accountable for all human rights violations as huge accumulation of wealth is not possible for corrupt public function if they actually have respect for humanitarian values. Right to justice is human right but in India whether it is possible to get this right as judicial member will hear you only when you will hire a costly advocate otherwise your application will be rejected on flimsy ground. There are several writs which are pending in the court of law since centuries awaiting disposal but still in the same condition and justice seekers have departed from this world. Strikes in the courts are quite common on flimsy ground by taking judicial members in good faith .Position of justice delivery in the courts are so poor that common man is terrified in the name of courts. As he knows that court will never provide him justice. Criminals move freely on bail as he knows that his case will never reach at the stage of disposal.

  2. Hon'ble Sir -It can never be justified but you Hon'ble Sir should know that what is going on this country. Hon'ble apex court is the mute spectator of the all wrongdoings . Why Government of Uttar Pradesh still didn't appoint Information Commissioners? Whether this is not against the spirit of constitution. Whether for such wrongdoers ,human rights violation is not petty offense.

  3. Hon'ble member-Most surprising that congress wants to reap election mileage of introducing Right to Information Act 2005 but nodal ministry i.e. ministry of personnel and pension which is to implement to Right to Information Act replying that matter concerned with the appointment of information commissioners is concerned with the Government of Uttar Pradesh. Every one knows it but this reply was a cryptic reply as they can seek the report from state government on this issue. Why electorates will caste its vote in favour of congress when AAP is appropriate choice for them .

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