Rights of poor working staffs working in the coal mines in India is not safe because of corruption uncontrolled in department

Rights of poor working staffs are not safe in India.

Blind excavation of coal from coal mines is no more stopped. Because of tacit understanding between government functionaries and private contractors is continued.

Grievance Status for registration number : MCOAL/E/2020/01085

Grievance Concerns To
Name Of Complainant
Yogi M P Singh
Date of Receipt
Received By Ministry/Department
Idealness and ideology-On the one side of the screen, our great prime did not marry and dedicated entire life for the weaker and downtrodden section as said during the parliamentary election campaign.
But, on the other side of the screen, we are not pursuing his ideals and setup precedent of renunciation.
Grievance Description-
As the following grievance disposed of by the Officer Name-Sri Vivekanand V Mahajan Officer Designation-Area Personnel Manager articulating the cryptic word Grievance is not specific which means exploitation of poor labourers on the large scale will be allowed as such in the coal mines of India.
Please take a glance of the report dated 02/09/2020 as aforementioned.
Honourable Sir,  we are not protecting our ecology nor protecting the rights of weaker and downtrodden section.
These things are quite obvious from the blind exploitation of the natural resources by the government functionaries. Here outsourced staffs mean the exploitation poor labourers by the government functionaries through private contractors.
Government functionaries are amassing huge wealth on a large scale but the apex court of India will overlook this matter concerned with the wide public interest.
As the matter is not covered with the P.I.L. Guidelines.
Following grievance closed by the concerned public functionary by submitting a cryptic report, is not relevant to the contents of the grievance.
Grievance Document
Current Status
Case closed
Date of Action
Copy of the reply attached to the post
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Rating Remarks
Government through its subsidiary extracting coal from coal mines through greedy contractors by using modern upgraded advanced tools.
Thus, Government ignores the interest of the large number labourers who are dependent on these coal mines as their source of livelihood.
As well as the government is causing great damage to the environment and ecology of the nation and exhausting limited resources through blind digging.
Sir coal mines have limited resources which may exhaust if there will be irregular excavation of coal from these mines. Whether the aforementioned subject was covered in the reply of the concerned public authority. Here matter concerned with the excavation of coal from mines by using advanced machinery tools and overlooking the wide interest of the mining workers has been overlooked. The reply of the public authority concerned is cryptic and mysterious and concerned staff is running away from the core issue raised by the applicant in the wide public interest. The government is not protecting the rights of the poor quite obvious from the cryptic reply of the concerned staff not touching the core issue in the redress of grievance concerned with the large number of poor working staff.
Officer Concerns To
Officer Name
Sri Vivekanand V Mahajan
Officer Designation
Area Personnel Manager
Contact Address
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Preeti Singh
30 days ago

Here the main question is concerned with the arbitrary exploitation of natural resources by the corrupt and greedy political masters and bureaucrats. Second topic is to keep the poor staff on the verge of hunger and mining is being done by the machines which is against the spirit of constitution of this country. Such cunning practices must be curbed for the betterment of society.Modi Sir may be honest on the public platforms but his working is not transparent and accountable.

Arun Pratap Singh
30 days ago

Whether arbitrary extraction of coal from coal mines is not a danger to our ecology but cunning public functionaries are providing cryptic and mysterious reply and making lives of citizens hell. Government functionaries by using various cunning tricks only exploited natural resources of this country which must be curbed to protect our ecology and environment. Our political masters are greedy fellow and men of narrow considerations and self-centred.

God Man
30 days ago

Everyone knows that there is rampant corruption in the every government office in India and government is not taking proper and adequate steps to remove such mismanagement because this mismanagement is created by the higher rank bureaucracy itself because of corruption. Corruption has been integral part of the daily routine of the citizens and they have accepted the corruption as hereditary property.

Bhoomika Singh
Bhoomika Singh
30 days ago

Think about the credibility of the report which has been submitted by the concerned staff of south Eastern cold coalfield Limited. Contents of the report are not based on the The submissions of the grievance submitted by the the great public spirited person Yogi M P Singh so concerned staff of the government has made the mockery of the law of land which must not be overlooked if the government functionaries are honest.